Our Youth Ministry consists of the ‘From Christian Children to Christian Adults’, a Youth Choir, and a Youth Praise Team and Dance Ministry. Youth are respected for their individual differences and for their contributions to the body of Christ. Youth have mentors to go to, they attend community events as a group, and have regular sessions where they learn about how to be effective young people for Jesus.

At St. Elmo Baptist Church, our purpose is to make maturing disciples of Jesus Christ. This means that first and foremost our goal is to create dynamic followers of Jesus Christ who take the New Testament vision of discipleship seriously. We believe that Middle School and High School students are capable of having an authentic relationship with God, and that they can make a radical impact on the church, their friends, their campuses, and even the world. Our desire is to equip them theologically, relationally, and missionally so that they might “become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ” (Eph. 4:13).

We recognize that God has given parents primary oversight over the lives of their children. As such, we know that the role of parents is integral to our ministry, and our desire is to support, equip, encourage, and strengthen parents in the tasks of teaching and leading their children. However, we also recognize that the local church is the primary instrument God has chosen to lead believers in discipleship to the Lord Jesus. We believe that each believer needs the diversity of gifts found in the church in order to grow to maturity in Christ. Therefore, we will be most effective when we are building children into their parents, and in turn, parents are building their children into the church. Our goal then, is to partner with parents in ministry.

At our very core, we believe in being Disciples of Jesus Christ. It is through that call to discipleship that…

Youth Ministry is Youth and Family based. Youth ministry focuses on the youth and their families and must work to support/strengthen them in every way possible.

Youth Ministry is Congregational. The responsibility for Youth Ministry resides with the Congregation as a whole. The congregation pledges to raise the child in a community of faith.

Youth Ministry is Bible based. The Bible is the primary source for information about God, Jesus and the main resource of the Christian faith.

Youth Ministry is Discipling. We seek to bring Youth and their families into a meaningful relationship with Jesus in a way that they are challenged to make a personal, life changing commitment.

Youth Ministry is Relational. Youth Ministry encourages youth to develop a personal relationship with Christ and each other. We strive to build a community of faith by nurturing one another in love and fellowship.

Youth Ministry in Invitational. Our goal is to be inclusive of all youth and their families. We encourage and invite youth to join the youth group at any point during the year.

Youth Ministry is Missions. It is an opportunity for youth to experience and tend to the many needs of God’s people.

Youth Ministry Encourages and Develops Youth as Leaders to create, train and empower the youth to become leaders in not only the youth group but to take an active role in worship and to participate in the administration of the various committees of the church.

Youth Ministry Utilizes a Team Approach. We are in ministry together as adults and with the youth, guiding and growing as we learn together.