August 23, 2020 - Join Us For A Groundbreaking Ceremony On Our New Facility on August 24th.

Join us for a groundbreaking ceremony on our new facility on August 24th. We have some wonderful news Saints. The groundbreaking for our future Fellowship Hall will take place sooner than we expected. God has ordained our time to be NOW!

There will be light refreshments, water, and social distancing will be honored through seating arrangements. Please join us and celebrate this amazing blessing. Feel free to bring a shovel if you want to participate for photos.

Colors: Light/Dark Blue & Black Bottoms.

Please wear a mask


July 24, 2020 - An Open and Candid Dialogue on Race, Religion, Relations and Reconciliation on July 29th.

June 24, 2020 - Dr. E. Edward Jones Virtual Congress 2020: Classes Are Now Free...Register Today!

President Tolbert has decided to offer e-Congress classes for free this year!  That’s right, there is no cost to attend; however, you do need to register to get the link to join the class. By registering for free, it gives you access to one morning and afternoon class. Please click on the appropriate link below to register for your morning and afternoon classes. Once you register, please check your email for registration confirmation and link to join on July 14-16, 2020.
Classes will be held on Zoom, which is an online video platform. Participants have the option to join from their computer or smartphone.  For those wishing to join via telephone, on your registration confirmation will be a dial in phone number.

If you choose to purchase books for your classes, they can be purchased on or

Please register for 1 morning and 1 afternoon class. Registration is not transferable, so every participant needs to register. 


(10:15-11:45 a.m.)
Class: Christian Leadership Development
Description: This class is designed for developing church leaders. Open to men and women.
Book: Ten Leadership Commandments, Han Finzel
Teacher: Sis. Jackie Robertson, Austin, TX

Link to Register: Christian Leadership Development Class

Class: Discipleship Development
Description: This class is designed for pastors and discipleship leaders.
Book: Making Disciples, Hearers & Doers, Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Teacher: Rev. Jordan Ivey, Nashville, TN

Link to Register: Discipleship Development Class

Class: Giving to the Church During COVID-19 and Beyond
Description:  More than ever before, Churches need resources to navigate these difficult times. This course looks at the disparities between Churches who abound with wealth and those who struggle financially.  It will also explore best practices that help image and develop a Church culture of generosity. Finally, this course will give practical steps to place Pastors and People on a path towards fiscal health and effectiveness.
Book: Rich Church, Poor Church
Teacher: Rev. Jasper Taylor

Link to Register: Giving to the Church During COVID-19 and Beyond

Class: The Church and Social Media Ministry
Description: This class is designed for churches, non-profits, and organizations needing social media.

Book: The Connected Church, by Natchi Lazarus

Teacher:  Rev. F.D. Sampson, Jr., Houston, TX

Link to Register: The Church and Social Media Ministry


(1:00 – 2:30 p.m.)
Class: Sermon Preparation
Description: This class is designed for pastors and preachers for more effective sermon preparation.

Book: Teacher Supplied Material

Teacher:  Rev. Timothy Woods, Birmingham, AL

Link to Register: Sermon Preparation

Class: Younger Pastors and Ministers Navigating Church Transitions
Description: This class is designed to speak to young pastors, especially those who may have, or will succeed an older pastor in a local church.
Book: Teacher Supplied Material
Teacher:  Rev. Chris Wesley, Dallas, TX

Link to Register: Younger Pastors and Ministers Navigating Church Transitions

Class: Helping the Next Generation to Know
Description: This class is designed for teenagers and young people and youth workers learning strategies of passing on the faith.

Book: So the Next Generation Will Know by Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace

Teacher:  Rev. Taveres Armstrong, Houston, TX

Link to Register: Helping the Next Generation to Know