St. Elmo Baptist Church began its spiritual roots on the corner of 1601 Monroe in the spring of 1921 with Rev. Houston as the Pastor. Since that season, this ‘Lighthouse’ has been led by Rev. Fletcher, Rev. Wilson, Rev. Pursley, Rev. Cooper, Rev. Caldwell, Rev. Sadberry, Rev. Jones, Rev. Block, Rev. Sanders, Rev. Howard, Rev. Haynes, Rev. Crump, Rev. Martin, Rev. Guest, and since spring 2000, Rev. David Cavitt, Sr. has been leading the ‘church to greater heights.’

Since 1921 St. Elmo has been a spiritual training camp for saints. Numerous ministers have been filled with the Holy Spirit, and accepted their calling to preach salvation. Being in a military community, many of these ministers have been relocated and the ministry of this lighthouse is reflected all over the world today. Deacons have been ordained to do a mighty work for the Lord. Musicians and choir directors received their humble beginnings here, moved on, and have spread the gospel through music in many different ministries.

Our congregation communicates God’s Word through evangelism. We are ambassadors for Christ and believe it is our responsibility to share the Good News wherever we go. In fact, evangelism is more than our responsibility; it is our great privilege. As long as there is one person in the world who doesn’t know Christ, our church will continue to reach out.

We incorporates God’s family into our fellowship. We provide a warm, authentic community, welcoming new believers into the body of Christ through baptism. Being in God’s family means we are not alone; we have each other for support. You weren’t just meant to believe; you were made to belong.

St. Elmo has been the spiritual birthplace for saved lawyers, teachers, military personnel, state/federal workers, all making a spiritual impact on the lives of thousands of people.

This loving sanctuary has known joy, sorrow, hurt, good times, bad times, and through it all, the members have learned to trust in Jesus. One thing has remained consistent for nearly 100 years: saints grow spiritually at St. Elmo Baptist Church.

Our task as members of St Elmo today is to glorify God, no matter the circumstances. As members, ‘Continue on in Faith, and not by what you see. Walk in love. Walk in hope. Walk in peace. Walk by FAITH!