The purpose of the St. Elmo Scholarship Ministry is to promote the continuing education of the graduating youth of this church. The objective is to show church and spiritual support for youth as they work towards academic success. Scholarships awarded are based on GPA, church participation, community involvement, and an application process that is reviewed by a committee.

The St. Elmo Baptist Church Scholarship Ministry is responsible for assisting our prospective high school graduates in their pursuit of higher education. High school students are informed, encouraged, and assisted in applying for scholarships that are available from corporations, community groups, civic organizations, fraternities and sororities. Prospective high school graduates are presented to the St. Elmo Baptist Church congregation and community.

Our students are required to assist with fundraising efforts and increasing awareness about our activities in the community. Upon graduation from high school, students who have met the guidelines of the Scholarship Ministry are given monetary awards to the college, university or trade school of their choice.

The Scholarship Ministry works in collaboration with other ministries within the church and partners with surrounding community groups to meet the academic needs of our children and promote higher learning. We are pleased to be a valuable resource to our students and praise God for the opportunity to be able to serve our young people.

Age: High School Seniors